Multi Club Friendly Competition – 4th August

It is now time to get numbers together for the next shoot on Sunday 4th August, this time involving four clubs, us Fast & Loose, Newnham and Ogmore Valley Archers, the event will be on the same lines starting 13:00 a national handicap scored shoot, the only difference will be, we will be having food after the first distance is shot of 4 doz arrows. (we found having it at the end, some got to the table before others and there was not a lot left, before the rest had finished clearing down the kit).

We could do with a few more Archers shooting as there are quite a few yet that have not put their names down. There is no cost to this event and it is open to Archers of any standard, being run on a handicap basis, and scores counting towards a team average. A raffle with prizes will be held.

We will also need all available able bodies to help set the field up, I estimate about 10 bosses and so we will be there at 11:30 AM.

The day should run as follows.

  • 11:30 to 12:30 set field up.
  • 13:00 First round 4 doz at 60 yards (or equivalent for those that cannot manage) then move targets to second distance (50 yards)
  • Food served after first 4 Doz
  • Commence shooting next two dozen at second distance.
  • Score sheets handed in and clear field down, with tea / coffee available.
  • Scores announced

Bowmen of the Deans members please send in your names if attending for the shoot to me (Tony Rose) by email or put your name on the notice on the container door. We will be needing some help earlier on in the day for setting up about 11:30 ish, so if available please tell us.

Looking forward to see all those that manage to attend.