COVID-19 Update from the Secretary

Dear Members and Readers,

Hope you are all safe and well and the only problem you are getting is boredom.

Being the forever optimist, I had hoped we would be open for the Boar Shoot on 31st May, but with the latest Government announcement being a lockdown to at least 7th May even if we did open up then it would be too late to organise, so we will have to cancel the shoot. (David could you please update the website to reflect this). We can now only hope that we can get going again in time for the friendlies in July and August.

Bearing in mind we have not been able to shoot for a few weeks and that we do hold some reserves not having to repair equipment or purchase targets, we have decided to reduce the annual joining fee for the Club portion of the membership, when it comes round for renewal in September, by cutting it in half. We would hope the GB Archery and Region associations would offer a reduction but don’t hold your breath. The club membership is only a small portion of the overall fees but it is something to look forward and will make a difference to the Senior fees by reducing it from £40 to £20, for the Bowmen of the Deans element.

Keep your chins up, hopefully it will all be over soon.


Tony Rose