Multi Club Friendly Competition – 4th August

It is now time to get numbers together for the next shoot on Sunday 4th August, this time involving four clubs, us Fast & Loose, Newnham and Ogmore Valley Archers, the event will be on the same lines starting 13:00 a national handicap scored shoot, the only difference will be, we will be having food after the first distance is shot of 4 doz arrows. (we found having it at the end, some got to the table before others and there was not a lot left, before the rest had finished clearing down the kit).

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Fast and Loose Friendly

What an excellent day’s shooting and it is always good to welcome our friends from Fast & Loose, even if we did have to beat them again.

all went well and the food was great, with a nice relaxed social event, makes us look forward to the next one.

Thank you to everyone that put in a lot of hard work setting up, preparing food and putting the kit away. Particularly thanks to Richard who helped line the field and reminded us nearly too late we needed some target faces, these always help at a shoot. Continue reading “Fast and Loose Friendly”

Beginners Course – June 2019

The beginners course is now over and everyone who came along had a great time.

OK all you eager, budding  Archers . The next Beginners Course at the Bowmen of the Deans Club has been set. The dates are 18th, 23rd and 27th of June 2019 and each session will be 2 hours long.

So if you can set aside a Tuesday evening, a Sunday afternoon and the following Thursday evening, then go to the beginners page for all of the enrolment information.

Learn the basics of archery, form, and safety with plenty of opportunity to have fun shooting.
Well Taught by our resident coach Robert Blackburn.

A safety certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course; which will allow you to join any archery club.

You’ll learn a lot, shoot a lot – and definitely have fun.

Friendly Shoot

Recently we had our Friendly Shoot with our friends from Fast and Loose.
It was a really good day and everyone enjoyed themselves even thought day was extremely hot.

Thank you to everyone that helped out setting up on the day.
Also a big thank you to the usual crowd who always help out.

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