COVID-19 Update from the Secretary

Dear Members and Readers,

Hope you are all safe and well and the only problem you are getting is boredom.

Being the forever optimist, I had hoped we would be open for the Boar Shoot on 31st May, but with the latest Government announcement being a lockdown to at least 7th May even if we did open up then it would be too late to organise, so we will have to cancel the shoot. (David could you please update the website to reflect this). We can now only hope that we can get going again in time for the friendlies in July and August. Continue reading “COVID-19 Update from the Secretary”

Cleve Archers Events 2020

Cleve Archers are organising the following tournaments in 2020 :-

Cleve Spring Tournament on Sunday 19th April will be a Double WA70 & WA50 Rounds – Closing Date is 9th April

Cleve Junior Tournament on Saturday 6th June will be the usual UK Record Status Windsor Rounds to suit all Junior ages – Closing date is 30th May

Cleve Junior Metric Tournament on Saturday 4th July will be WRS all Metric Junior Rounds – the entry form has not been finalised as yet

Cleve FITA Weekend on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July will be WA 70 & WA50 rounds followed by Head to Head on Saturday and Sunday World Record Status WA 1440 Ladies & Gents – Closing Date is 8th July

All the above tournaments will be held on our new ground at “Down Yonder”, Old Bromley Heath Road, Moorend, Hambrook, Bristol, BS16 1SW

All tournaments are set up to enter and pay online through the Cleve Web Site and I have included the links or the Entry Forms are attached so archers can pay by direct transfer and email form or just post a cheque and form

Clout Shoot

A big thank you to Cherry for organising and hosting this event.

I’ve never shot clout before and for me it was a very enjoyable day. I think everyone who participated will tell you the same thing.

Hopefully we’ll have another such event soon and if you’ve never shot Clout before, come along and give medieval archery training a try.


Important upcoming events

It’s 2020, the start of a new year  and there are a few items that need to be highlighted for the next few weeks.

  1. 31st march – last Indoor Shoot
  2. 2nd April – first day of Outdoor Season – NOTE – For April, shooting will start at 5:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 11:00 am on Sundays to make the most of available light. In May, the times will revert to 18:00 mid-week and 13:00 Sundays.
  3. There are shoots arranged for the year so far – too many to list in individual posts, so please check the events calendar for more information.
  4. The G.W.A.S (Great Western Archery Society) AGM Scheduled for 15th March has been postponed indefinitely due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Friendly Shoot

To everyone.

I heard you had a great day yesterday. Sorry I could not be with you.

Many thanks to all that helped out behind the scenes and on the day.

Well done to everyone and especially our new members who tipped the scales in our favour!!



Boar Shoot 2019

We all had a great day at our annual boar shoot this Sunday. Weather held off until we finished, so good  day all round.

Thank you to everyone that came. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Comments on the day..  We had fun today and it is nice to hear people laughing. Thank you for your hospitality. Continue reading “Boar Shoot 2019”

Friendly Shoot

Recently we had our Friendly Shoot with our friends from Fast and Loose.
It was a really good day and everyone enjoyed themselves even thought day was extremely hot.

Thank you to everyone that helped out setting up on the day.
Also a big thank you to the usual crowd who always help out.

Continue reading “Friendly Shoot”