We welcome New Members to the Club & those wishing to do a Beginners Course. Below are some files for information. In the first instance though it is best to contact the Secretary via the contacts page.

Enquiry letter > This is an initial information sheet giving people whom make enquiries about membership or Beginners Courses the information they need.

Membership Application > For people whom have undertaken the Beginners Course or are current members renewing. There are two forms one covering a full year Oct – end Sept and a pro-rata one for those joining from April onwards.

Constitution > These are the articles by which we run the Club.

Privacy Notice and Consent > By law we have to hold a Privacy notice, any person joining the club should have access to this notice and give their wishes on the consent form regarding contacts and use of their personal data.


General Information Sheet including Beginners………. Archery Enquiry

Membership Forms…………….

Full Year Membership 2019

Part Year Membership 2019


Bowmen of the Deans Constitution———– Constitution_Revised2018

Bowmen of the Deans Privacy Notice————– Privacy Notice

Bowmen of the Deans Data Protection Form———- Data Consent Form V1